Foreign Care Worker Consultation Hotlines Consultation Form

Our target is all foreign care worker who work in Japan health facilities.
We also accept consultation from health facilities that intend to employ foreign care worker.
Please feel free to ask.

※ For EPA candidates and Accepting Facilities that have accepted candidates before, please contact us at the previous Consultation Hotlines.


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Classification* Individual (Excluding Japanese)Healthcare Facility, Healthcare Institution, Japanese Care WorkerOrganizationOthers
Organization Type* Healthcare FacilityHealthcare InstitutionJapanese Care WorkerOthers
Organization Type* Accepting FacilitySupervising OrganizationSchool CorporationOthers
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Consultation Content

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Daily LifeVISAStudy about Care WorkerStudy about JapaneseWork and Labor ManagementHuman RelationHealth (Body and Mental)Others
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