Learn about Nursing care in Japan Online Seminar


For everyone interested in Japan,
why not try to explore and learn about Nursing Care in Japan?

To convince everyone to learn and know about Nursing care in Japan,
Online seminar will explain in English and Tagalog and will also feature Filipino senior who is working as a Care worker in Japan


  • Date and Time: August 27, 2024 (Tue) 13:00~ (PH time)
  • Platform: YouTube and Facebook live streaming
  • Participants:Those who reside in the Philippines, interested in Japan or nursing care work in Japan.
  • Contents to be explain:※The below content are subject to change.
    1. About Japan Care workers
    2. About the system for working as a care worker in Japan
    3. Stories from seniors who’s working in Japan(Introduction to nursing care, facilities, life in Japan, etc.)
    4. How to study Japanese language
    5. Q&A
  • Participants registrationhttps://forms.microsoft.com/r/pFReYSLWsc
    URL will be email to those who have registered
  • Deadline for application: August 20(Tue)
  • Organizer: Japan International Corporation Welfare Services(JICWELS)
    ※This event is organized by The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Human Resources for foreign care worker, Retention support business etc.”
  • Contact Details: Japan International Corporation Welfare Services(JICWELS)
    Support Department for Foreign Care Workers
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